FAQ's about GreenSpoon

If you have any questions about GreenSpoon products please refer to the below FAQ's, alternatively should these not suffice please contact us directly..

Does GreenSpoon's alternative sweeteners taste like sugar?

Using the highest refined grade of Stevia and Erythritol ensures GreenSpoon resemebles sugar in both texture and sweetness

Can a diabetic use GreenSpoon?

GreenSpoon’s ingredients have no impact on blood sugar levels, thus GreenSpoon is able to help people living with diabetes to eliminate excess sugar from their diet. What's more, GreenSpoon has a low G.I which makes it suitable for diabetics.

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Your family will
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GreenSpoon is an Australian family owned business that understands nothing is more important than a happy healthy household. That's why we are devoted to bringing only natural sweeteners to your table.

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